Shelby Family Loses Equipment And More After Tornado

  • 4/15/2019 3:28:38 PM
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Local News

SHELBY, OH - A family in Shelby is thankful that no one was seriously hurt after Sunday's tornado. 

It was around 5:00 PM Sunday when Pam Hummel looked outside her Kitchen window and saw the families swing set rip from the ground and fly into their pool, and then into the side of their barn. 

Pam stated the swing set was bolted into the ground, so a heavy force would have to come by in order for it to pry itself off the grass.

"I went to my basement immediately and called my husband." Pam Hummel stated. Her husband, Ron Hummel, was nearby and headed back home immediately. 

After the tornado warning was lifted, the family exited their house to find the two small barns they kept their farm equipment in were completely destroyed. 

Piled up wood was all that was left of the sheds that housed farm equipment after the tornado passed through. 

The wind from the tornado tore a hole in another building on the property. Only minor damage was sustained to the house, according to Pam.

The family stated that the barns and equipment were insured. 

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