Community And Environment Both Benefit From Recycling Day

  • 6/8/2019 12:27:39 PM
  • Ingrid Schmidt
  • Local News

CRESTLINE, OH- Each month, Lowe-Volk Park is the site of a recycle day.  The program helps locals to properly dispose of their recyclables as well as help out the park.

Volunteers from the Colonel Crawford Lions Club help to sort the recycling.  Ruthann Noblet of the Colonel Crawford Lions Club said that the monthly event is a great way for citizens to make sure that their recycling helps out a good cause.

"It's just awesome that people can come and recycle because it helps the environment and it also helps Lowe-Volk Park," Noblet said.

The money from the sale of the recycling goes directly to Lowe-Volk park.  "They use it for programs for students and they help students, young kids and also adults, but particularly youngsters and families,"Noblet said.  "They have programs here all the time."

The Lions Club is happy to help with the recycling day.  Members are out at the park every month all year round, unless the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

"I'm representing the Colonel Crawford Lions Club.  Our theme is 'We Serve,' so this is how we can serve the community," Noblet said.

At the recycling day, cardboard, clear/brown/green/blue glass, #1 (PETE) plastics, #2 (HDPE) plastics (colors do not need to be separated), newspaper/magazines/office paper/junk mail, steel cans, aluminum cans, household batteries, eyeglasses, and CFL light bulbs (from households only, no businesses), will all be accepted.

The Lions Club asks that bottles be cleaned out with the lids removed.

Laptops, tablets, cellphones, computer towers, computer monitors, televisions, and other electronics are not accepted at the recycle day.


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